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Terms and Conditions

1. Squatters are NOT allowed under any circumstances.
2. Use of electric boiler. heater/stove is strictly PROHIBITED
3. All kinds of faults must be reported to the Adm office for necessary action. Occupant will pay for the repairs of any damages to the property or facilities under his /her care.
4. Occupants MUST ensure peaceful and safe cohabitation.
5. Occupants must not constitute a nuisance to others.
6. Under No circumstance should occupants drill nails into the wall as this defaces the wall and makes it untidy.
7. Male visitors are not allowed within the premises beyond 8.00 pm
8. The students will be responsible for the following other expenses: security, light, and cleaning, to be jointly decided and managed by the student themselves through their representatives.

I promise to abide by the above stated hostel guidelines


I hereby declare that I will abide by the terms and conditions for the occupation of Rebecca Adeeyo Hall, the breach of any of which entitles the management to terminate my tenancy without refund.

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